Make your roller shades roman shades vertical blinds smart

Experience the benefits of smart shades.

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Your natural alarm clock

Let Shade Control open your shades 5 minutes before your alarm clock rings. Wake up fresh and natural so you can start your day off right!

Save on your energy bill

Get better insulation for your home by closing the blinds when sunlight enters your room, or close them when it's dark.

Prevent burglary

Make it seem like you’re at home by having your shades open and close automatically every day.


Increase comfort

Opening and closing shades can be a tedious task. Especially if you have multiple shades. Let Shade Control do the work for you.

Control with your smartphone...

Shade Control app

Create time schedules to set the shades at a fixed position. Or use sunset or sunrise time.

...or control with a smarthome integration (Pro)

Why Shade Control?

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5 minute installation

You can install Shade Control within 5 minutes. If you can install a window shade then you can definitely install Shade Control.

battery charging

Replacable battery pack

No hassle with bringing a cable to the device, just remove the front cover and take out the batterypack. You can charge it at a convenient place.

No smarthub required

We don’t force you to use a smarthub, but give you the choice. Shade Control Standard allows you to program schedules and control your shades. If you want more advanced features, then Shade Control Pro is your choice.

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Shade control with bead chain

Shade control standard


Shade control with bead chain

Shade Control Pro

*Requires a compatible smarthub


Not sure which one to choose? Let us help you choose

Try out risk free for 30 days

Not sure whether Shade Control fits or whether you will like it? Just try it out and return within 30 days if needed.