The actual limit depends on the weight. Shade Control has a pulling force of more than 6kg / 13 lbs. So, it can lift almost any shade

Shade Control standard works with an app (no WIFI needed). Use the app to manually open or close your shades or to schedule opening and closing times in advance.

Shade Control Pro works with Zigbee to control it.

Shade Control standard is compatible with Android (6 or higher) or iOS (12.3 or higher).

Shade Control Pro is compatible with Athom Homey and Home assistant.

Yes, with Shade Control standard you can create time schedules to set the position of your shade on any time of the day. This way Shade Control will automatically control your shades.

Shade Control Pro requires a compatible smart hub to operate automatically.

Shade Control can be charged with a micro USB cable and a regular USB charger. The battery pack can be removed from Shade Control to charge it at a convenient place.

Not for Shade Control Standard.  Shade Control Standard only requires a smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS. With our app you can fully automate Shade Control.

Shade Control Pro does require a smarthub.

Only Shade Control Pro can be connected to a compatible smart hub.

No, Shade Control Standard is connected via a secure BLE connection to your smartphone or tablet. Therefore Shade Control is not connected to the internet and doesn’t require an internet connection.

Shade Control Pro is connected via zigbee to a smarthub. Depending on the smarthub it can require an internet connection, but Shade Control itself isn’t connected directly to the internet.

We designed Shade Control with safety in mind. Therefore all the moving parts are hidden behind the front cover. Shade Control will only operate if the front cover is attached to Shade Control. For differente safety requirements please read the installation manual.

It takes around 5 minutes to install.

Shade Control requires minimal technical skills to install. If you can install a window covering then you can definitely install Shade Control. For Shade Control you only need to drill 2 holes to attach it to the wall, you place the bead chain around the wheel and you are good to go.

Shade Control standard can’t be controlled when you are not at home.

Shade Control Pro can be controlled when you are not at home, but this depends on the smarthub wether or not this is possible.