Which Shade Control is right for you?

When to use Shade Control standard?

Shade Control Standard is the most straightforward solution for anyone who wants to automate their (existing) window shades and doesn’t want to use a smarthub. It works completely autonomously. You can set several time schedules to set your shades at the set position. For instance, you set it at 20% open at 8.00 AM and you set it at 100% closed at 9.00 PM. Or, you can use sunset/sunrise rules. For instance, if you set it at 100% closed at sunset, then Shade Control will close your window shades as soon as the sun goes down. You can also program offsets up to 59 minutes. 

You do not need to be at home for this, it has an internal clock so it will always operate at the set times.

When to use Shade Control Pro?

  • Do already own a Shade Control compatible smarthub?
  • Are you planning to use a smarthub in the future?
  • Do you want to control your shades with voice commands?
  • Do you want to control it when you are not at home?

If you can answer one or more of these questions with a ‘Yes’, then Shade Control Pro is the right product for you.

What is a smarthub? And why would or wouldn't I need one?

A smarthub is a device where smarthome devices connect with. You can control all kinds of smarthome devices from one central hub. For instance: you use a smart dimmer to control your lights with, another controller for your heating system and shade control for your window shades. In this case you have one device to control all those devices with, in stead of separate controllers or apps for each device. It’s also possible to create scenes, for instance: lower the window shades and turn on the lights.

Another benefit of a smarthub can be, that you can control devices when you are not at home or use voice commands with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Note: The smarthub needs an internet connection for this to work. Check the manufacturers website how this can be done.

The con of a smarthub is that it requires an extra device and therefore extra costs. If you are not planning to create a complete smarthome system into your home and just want to automate your window shades, then we advice you not to buy one and stick with the standalone solution of Shade Control standard.

Please be aware that all the smarthubs which Shade Control Pro is compatible with, are not manufactured by us. We chose this approach because we think it’s a better solution when every smart home device manufacturer develops their own smarthub. In such case you would have several smarthubs, which is not beneficial.