Shade Control’s* RMA terms and conditions for defective products

The general sales and delivery terms and conditions of Shade Control also apply, as filed with the Chamber of Commerce 57374058. In the event of conflict between any provision of these RMA terms and conditions and the general sales and delivery terms and conditions, the latter terms prevail. Any such conflict has no effect on the applicability of the other provisions of these RMA terms and conditions.

  1. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing, these RMA terms and conditions apply to all offers, agreements of purchase and sale and supplies of all goods and services hereafter put on the market and/or provided by Shade Control. The counterparty of Shade Control is hereafter referred to as the buyer.
  2. These RMA terms and conditions contain regulations for an RMA procedure for defective products.
  3. The buyer cannot invoke the warranty provisions if:
    a) the buyer has neglected the products
    b) the buyer has made or instructed modifications to the products, which includes repairs not made by or on behalf of Shade Control /the manufacturer
    c) the buyer has treated the products carelessly in some other way
  4. If one or more situations from paragraph 3 occur and the defective product is nonetheless sent in for repair, the buyer owes Shade Control a sum of 25 euros for conducting investigation.
  5. Request an RMA number by sending an e-mail to  and at least provide the information stated below:
    – Product serial number
    – Amount
    – Clear description of complaint
  6. When invoking the RMA procedure, some proof of purchase must be submitted which clearly shows the place and date of purchase of the product.
  7. After an RMA number is assigned by Shade Control, defective products can be sent in. The RMA number must be clearly visible on the exterior of the transport packaging.
  8. After authorisation from Shade Control in accordance with the provisions above, defective products must be sent to the provided address in their original packaging and within 10 working days.
  9. The costs of sending the products to Shade Control are at the buyer’s expense. Shipments without postage and shipments sent cash on delivery are not accepted. The buyer itself is liable for damage and/or loss during transport to Shade Control.
  10. After receipt of the defective goods, Shade Control will examine these in accordance with the guidelines of the relevant manufacturer. If it emerges when they are checked that the goods do no satisfy these guidelines, Shade Control reserves the right to refuse the RMA request. The buyer will be given written notice of this.
  11. If a defective product is accepted by Shade Control, either a credit will be issued or the product will be replaced with a new or repaired product, entirely at the discretion of Shade Control. If a credit is issued for the defective product, the defective product is once again the property of Shade Control after the credit is issued.
  12. No RMA request will be processed from a buyer who has exceeded its credit limit and/or who is late in paying its invoices.

*Shade Control is a registered tradename of HA Systems BV