Shade Control Pro

Shade Control Pro

*Requires a compatible smarthub

*Requires a compatible smarthub


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Power supply 5V USB (minimal 2.5W USB Adapter required)
Wireless specification BLE and Zigbee
Communication frequency 2.4Ghz
Li-ion battery capacity 11.84Wh
Product dimensions 174 l 47w 52h
Product weight 440 grams
Pulling force 6kg/13Lbs
RPM +/- 30rpm unloaded
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Check here if your shades are compatible with Shade Control.

1 Shade Control
1 USB-A to USB-microcable
1 bead chain
1 small screwdriver
2 sets screws+plugs

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Why Shade Control?

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5 minute installation

You can install Shade Control within 5 minutes. If you can install a window shade then you can definitely install Shade Control.

battery charging

Replacable battery pack

No hassle with bringing a cable to the device, just remove the front cover and take out the batterypack. You can charge it at a convenient place.


No smarthub required

We don’t force you to use a smarthub, but give you the choice. Shade Control Standard allows you to program schedules and control your shades. If you want more advanced features, then Shade Control Pro is your choice.

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