Shade Control has a soft reset and a hard reset function.

Soft reset: With a soft reset the device will reboot and all stored settings will be restored after the boot. To perform a soft reset, make sure the front cover is attached to Shade Control. Then hold the stop button for 15 seconds. A red LED will indicate a succesful reset.

Or, you can connect to the device with the app and tap the “device reset” button.

Hard reset: With a hard reset Shade Control will reset to factory default. All the stored settings will be lost. To perform a hard reset, remove the front cover. Then hold the stop button for 15 seconds. A red LED will indicate a succesfull reset

Shade Control can only be controlled with a button press if it’s calibrated, this is a safety feature. Shade Control is not calibrated on factory default or after a hard reset. To control Shade Control automatically please calibrate Shade Control.

To override this functionality, press and hold the up or down button. When you release the button the motor will stop.

A 1 second on 1 second off red LED flashing indicates a motor problem. This can have several reasons.

– The front cover is removed. If the front cover is not attached, the motor is not spinning. Please attach the front cover and try again.

– The bead chain wheel is not attached correctly. Shade Control will detect if the wheel is not attached correctly. Please check if the wheel is attached correctly and the screw is tightly fastened.

– Too much force is applied to the motor. Check the shade can run free, if there is no object stuck in the wheel or that the roller shade is not at the end position.

The batteries are empty. Charge the battery pack with the supplied USB cable connected to a USB charger.

First check if the battery is not empty. If you press a button, does the motor spin? If not, then charge the battery before you proceed with further steps below.

If you can control it, or you charged the battery, then close the app. If you are not sure how to close an app, see this page for iOS and this page for Android.

Open the app and try again. In most cases this solves the problem.

If this didn’t solve the problem, then toggle bluetooth on your phone. Check this page for iOS and this page for Android on how to do this.

If it’s still not connecting, then proceed with the following:

Reboot your phone. And while the phone is rebootig, reset the device.

Still not connecting? Then contact our support department to assist you.

If for instance the time has changed due to summer/winter time, just make a connection with the device and the new time will be updated.